It' been 3, maybe 4 years since Tree the chicagoan, the 35 year old, deep barotoned voiced , harmonizing , off tempo, on beat, sped up and slowed down rapper and producer, as well as Soul Trap brand and music genre inventor / creator has released anything on his own, for his own fans.

After earlier years of what looked like the rise of a new genre and king of an unearthed and well received new sound of trap rap soul and r&b out of Chicago "TREE" unexpectedly just stopped.

Tree the once emerging star and voice from the midwest , one day suddenly stopped dropping music, he stopped dropping his self named #treestyles which were his last and latest releases of weekly freestyles over original beats on his soundcloud page. He stopped doing guest verses except for a few big ones here and there, one of them being GhostFaces, "STREET KNOWLEDGE" produced by Frank Dukes who Tree had a relationship with at one time.. He stopped championing himself via all social media platforms and he stopped doing shows.